Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Class Discussion

For the class discussion we have chosen to work on stress. Stress is a big component to high school and college students being depressed. During my high school years, I haves seen my friends being stressed about school work, not only by the amount of homework and amount of time they spend on homework but also tests, SATs, state tests, etc. Becuase of children retrieving stress so early, it might be cause that they are unable to handle stress easily as what our parents or elders think about.
I personally see that homework can be a good factor in learning but depending on the time I think there is too much time spent on homework. I remember spending too much time on homework, and work on more time on homework than spending on studying for tests.
With time spent on homework too much can cause more stress, therefore not enough time to relieve stress or learn how to cope with stress.
I mean seriously, I think most high schoolers were spending a lot of time on homework, barely spent time for studying. I remember having some of my friends feeling overly depressed about school and studies outside of school. I think that adults are pushing children too fast into becoming adults, as if they want students to hurry up and become adults. Children don't fully become mature until they are 25 years old. So what is for the children who go to college at age 18 and start working at age 22 years old. We are immediately placed into a community, a society and treated as an adult. I am not completely going against the society to place us as adults but sometimes i feel as if they're pushing us too much.


For the draft paper we need to finish after break, personally I wasn't up for the essay about Family. although it seems easy to write about family, I personally have an opinion about writing family.
I personally find writing about family is hard, it might be just the fact that I don't really have anything that big of an opinion about family. Personally I would have find it easier if we have chosen other options.
So personally I do have personal ideas about family but I wasn't so sure on how I would like to  portray it out. I thought about it over and noticed about the usage of smartphones in school. wherever i go i see someone using their smartphones So i thought of writing about the usages of devices and how it changes from the family interaction back in the past till now. 

Richmond Art Museum

Today I have went to the Art museum in Richmond for my Art Class, there I saw a lot of different types of arts. There was this one painting I thought that connected to my English class. There was a sculpture of a woman but not just a woman it was a woman who had a sincere face, beads around her body but as you go lower at the hip area there is a box instead of a hip and inside is a woman’s pelvis bone. And below that was a drawer and inside that drawer was a bead heart. I thought it symbolized a womanhood, possibly a mother, giving birth, and loving the child. After read the The Heart Defended I could see the connection a lot, a child needs their mother and motherhood is to love their children no matter what. I was drawn to the sculpture by it’s realistic look of a woman, she had real hair from the artist, her skin looked as if they were real, she had a slight tint of possible smile on her face. I strongly felt that this sculpture was to have an emphasis on motherhood and I guess the role as a mother. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mother and their roles

When I was reading on the reading The Heard Defended I felt that the story had a somewhat of a large bias opinion on mothers. It is true that mother's role in a person's childhood is big but I felt that the opinion was pushing so much on the mother. I personally think a mother should take part in their child's life but in some certain circumstances I believe it is alright for a mother to work.
My mother has started working under my father around the beginning of middle school, she would work and then come back around the time I come back from school. My mother still worked on the house works like a stay-home mom would. Nothing has changed after she started working. I personally think that a mother's role is bigger when it's the beginning of childhood.
After reading and looking up on the role of a mother (due to my sister just recently having a child) it is obvious that the child's beginning stage is very important to have he/she's mother by their side. Although the economy today, it is hard for a mother to stay by their child's side. My sister, she works and my brother-in-law also works. They both have a good job that pays well, but because of my nephew and the costs of taking care of a baby is very expensive. The costs of diapers, nanny, wipes, clothes, food, toys, etc is far more expensive than what people usually think. Not just that but now we need to add the parent's everyday needs, transportation, etc.

Friday, February 7, 2014

This week's update

Personally I find this week in English class pretty un-active. It might have been because we had discussions about the three subjects we wanted to choose for our papers.
The powerpoints... I can say that I was not being able to pay attention to it well, although what Mr. Sweeney's talk was interesting, the whole point of the powerpoint wasn't that helpful. I personally have a good experience with powerpoint; in high school my US History teacher would create powerpoints that are bulletin notes. From what I see from Sweeney's was reading off from the notes of the powerpoint, some times I don't mind that but, it isn't a great way for students to learn the subject matter. I learned powerpoints by writing done the notes. So possibly for next powerpoint, have it more main word bulletin notes instead a sentence.
I personally am not sure what I will be doing my paper on for Crime and Punishment. It is just a broad subject and I have no certain opinion on what subject I would love to focus on. I personally find problems in crime and punishment but narrowing into one subject is hard. I could do something that is a comparison and argue over what country has a good crime and punishment system but that would be a bit too bland for me.
So.... after trying to figure out what I would like to do, I somewhat regret the decisions on choosing Crime and Punishment, but then even if I oppose it would still have probably be chosen.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 1

So far in english class we have argued over the 3 topics that we would like to work on our argumentative paper. So far we have been thinking about what we want to write about for our research papers. However we chosen several of them because they were easy or something we would like to do.

In my opinion, some are just our opinions and do not have that much resource to support our opinions. Well that is the meaning of the research paper but (this can possibly from where I grew up) fact was the number one that you need in a research paper.Some, for example; Education, Gender, Crime and Punishment are simple subjects that have numerous studies with different opinion. Although when it comes to Religion, although it is a touchy subject; i think that it will be hard for argumentative. But this does not mean that I would not like to write a paper about religion, I would but I end up thinking "what kind of studies are out there that can possibly support my study". Personally I think when we talk again on Monday to choose our other 2 subjects; I think instead of not doing it because you just don't want to cannot be a reason. I personally believe that some of the subject is good to learn and research them but again I see some to be hard to find supportive facts or evidence. (Again this is just my experience from high school with just only writing research paper.)

Rant time:
I personally don't want to write a research paper on environment, during my high school years for four years I personally got fed up doing a lot of research on environment. Although I do have a subject that I would like to research on. Also, the subject family; after listening about the subject family while we were discussing made me lose interest of the subject. One, it just started to fade away in my head, I think the reason is because it is just broad for me.