Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Class Discussion

For the class discussion we have chosen to work on stress. Stress is a big component to high school and college students being depressed. During my high school years, I haves seen my friends being stressed about school work, not only by the amount of homework and amount of time they spend on homework but also tests, SATs, state tests, etc. Becuase of children retrieving stress so early, it might be cause that they are unable to handle stress easily as what our parents or elders think about.
I personally see that homework can be a good factor in learning but depending on the time I think there is too much time spent on homework. I remember spending too much time on homework, and work on more time on homework than spending on studying for tests.
With time spent on homework too much can cause more stress, therefore not enough time to relieve stress or learn how to cope with stress.
I mean seriously, I think most high schoolers were spending a lot of time on homework, barely spent time for studying. I remember having some of my friends feeling overly depressed about school and studies outside of school. I think that adults are pushing children too fast into becoming adults, as if they want students to hurry up and become adults. Children don't fully become mature until they are 25 years old. So what is for the children who go to college at age 18 and start working at age 22 years old. We are immediately placed into a community, a society and treated as an adult. I am not completely going against the society to place us as adults but sometimes i feel as if they're pushing us too much.

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